Tony’s Boys

Meet James & Jeffrey Cappellano, Tony’s Boys

This summer we have been celebrating the life and legacy of Tony Cappellano, founder of Boom Breakfast & Co. Tony passed away unexpectedly last year on June 14th, 2020. In Part II of the Boom Family Story we talk about Tony’s boys. James & Jeffrey grew up busing tables, helping in the kitchen, and learning how to run and operate a restaurant and today, not much has changed.

James is active in the daily operations of Boom Breakfast & Co. as well as the owner of The Motion Room and The Coaching Company. He grew up in the family business and travelled extensively overseas while working in the luxury hospitality and fitness industries. He is a business development coach, serial entrepreneur, and proud father.

Meet James Tony’s Boys

Jeff started learning the ropes in the kitchen with his dad as a boy and today not much has changed. He remains integral to the Boom Family Brand: running the kitchen, overseeing operations, and treating staff and customers just like family.  

“Even when I was on my way to the Vaughan [Boom] location which opened up in 2012,” says Jeffrey, “I’d stop in on St. Clair where my dad was and we’d have an espresso together. It was part of my day because we’re family. That’s how it always was.”

Today James leads the Boom Breakfast & Co. management team alongside Jeffrey. Jeffrey operated the Vaughan location through its first eight years and now oversees special projects as they carry on the legacy that Tony inspired: one focused on family, friends, and of course, food. When they are at the restaurants, James always orders the Farmer Gianni and Jeff grabs the Chickadilla.