Boom Breakfast & Co.

A Family Business Through And Through

This summer we have been celebrating the life and legacy of Tony Cappellano, founder of Boom Breakfast & Co. Tony passed away unexpectedly last year on June 14th, 2020. Tony was a hard-working business owner with a huge heart and was especially known for two things: making everyone feel like family, and making the world’s best cappuccino. 

In Part 3 of the Boom Family Story, we meet the family members that worked alongside Tony for years and now keep his legacy thriving.

Mafalda Santos

Mafalda (“Muffy”) met Tony in 1994 at the Mars Diner in Toronto where they both worked.

They continued to work very closely together at the College, St. Clair and Eglinton Boom locations for nearly twenty years as business and life partners. Muffy is integral to the leadership team as a whole and an active member at the Boom St. Clair location. Muffy’s favourite meal on the menu is the Benny Boom

Lina Maiato

Lina has been with the Boom St Clair location for just over six years.

She was first hired as a server and for the past five years she has been the Manager On Duty. She previously worked in the corporate world and has a background in graphic design. She’ll take the Adam Spanglish, please!

Evan Maiato

Evan is the Kitchen Manager at Boom Breakfast & Co St Clair and has been working with Boom Breakfast for almost six years.

He started at the College St. location at 18 years old as a barista and then became a cook only eight months later.

He later worked as a line cook at the Eglinton location for two years and is now the kitchen manager of the St. Clair location. His go-to dish is Tony’s Chicken Club.

Connie Di Placido

Tony’s Niece, is also an integral member of the leadership team. She started working with Boom as a server in 2008 when she left her career in the Funeral Industry.

After a few years, she became more involved in the operations and soon became a partner at the Vaughan Boom Breakfast & Co. location. Here she is with her uncle at the Vaughan Boom location. 

Joseph Martino

Joseph was originally Tony’s personal trainer and currently oversees multiple companies with James Cappellano, Tony’s son. They have been working together since 2005. He is a graduate of Humber College (health and fitness) and holds a Hospitality Management Diploma and Food & Beverage Management Certification from the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

One of his most remarkable experiences was working in hospitality management at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Bahrain, in the Middle East.

Joseph loves the Benny Boom and highly recommends that you give it a try. 

Mary Botelho

Mary met Tony during the Sweet Dreams Era in 1990 as a customer and in 2016, Tony approached her about joining Boom Breakfast & Co handling the day to date bookkeeping of the company.

The role expanded in 2018 to include Human Resources and handling the financials for the company. In 2019 Mary was selected to manage leadership meetings alongside Tony. Currently in addition to her financial role she works directly with James as a business advisor.

Madalena Costa

People call her Lena! She has worked at the Boom Breakfast St. Clair location since 2017, but has been in the family business for her whole life and has had the pleasure of working with her Uncle Tony over the years.

In the restaurant she performs many roles such as host, barista, and server, but behind the scenes she is working with the team on training to ensure BOOMTASTIC service upholding the FAB 5!