The Brief History of Breakfast

Seeing as we’re called ‘BOOM Breakfast’, we are naturally curious about all things related to breakfast. If fact, we’d even go so far as calling ourselves ‘Breakfast Geeks’. Thus our geekdom has carried us to explore our ancestry. We are compelled to dig deep into archives of the interwebs to give you a brief history […]

Weight Loss Guide for Meat Lovers

It’s Bikini Weather in Toronto these days and everyone is getting on the weight loss bandwagon. When we think about weight loss, images of measly salads and weird things made with quinoa are conjured in our minds. There is a shudder at the thought and then the whole idea of losing weight is quickly abandoned. […]

Jeff Cappellano Spills Secrets About What Makes Boom Great!

In any restaurant, the people matter just as much as the food does. We pride ourselves on the fact that we work hard to get to know our customers and give them the best dining experience we can. We work together as a family, and treat everyone who walks into the door like a family. […]