Orange juice is a staple breakfast drink. When you go to the best breakfast places in Toronto, it’s almost a given that you’ll get freshly squeezed orange juice to down with your tasty breakfast meal. However, few people think about the benefits of freshly squeezed OJ. Let us enlighten you on this very important matter.

First and foremost, orange juice contains flavonoids like hesperidina, which helps reduce the risk of having a heart attack by up to 19%. So really, you can’t go wrong with having a glass of fresh orange juice every day.

Secondly, orange juice is rich in citrates, which can prevent you from having kidney stones. And given how annoying and painful those can be on the way out, you’re much better off drinking a tasty glass of freshly squeezed goodness rather than risking the dreaded alternative.

Plus, natural orange juice can help reduce the levels of “bad” cholesterol and high blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular problems as a result.

And of course, orange juice is widely known for being a great source of vitamin C, which is perfect for preventing colds.

So the moral of the blog is that if you want to be energetic during the day, and lower the possibility of colds, heart attacks and kidney problems, drink one glass of orange juice every morning and you’ll be good to go. Or, you could just drink it because you like it, up to you.