In a time where Trip Advisor, Yelp and UberEats decide which restaurants people should eat at, a kind word goes a long way. We, at Boom Breakfast, pride ourselves on the fact that we know our regular customers by name, and remember their menu favourites. Our guests find this both amazing and freaky at the same time.

We love our guests so much, we’ve even named dishes after our them: such as Alice in Wonderland (name after the cutest little girl we’ve ever seen).

We’ve also taken our guest suggestions to heart and created new dishes like the Crunchy French Toast. This special dish is whole-wheat bread dipped in eggs and granola to create a crispy, crunchy and delicious treat, a wonderful suggestion given to us by one of our regulars.

We’ve also made it our policy to greet all our guests with a big hello, a smile and genuine warmth every single time. This is what we think sets us apart from all other restaurants. We care about our people. And you might think we’re just tooting our own horn, but ask the kids who wake up every Sunday, demanding their parents to take them to BOOM. Ask the regulars who show up time and again, bringing their friends and family to our restaurants. These people are a part of our family.

So, if you ask us what their reviews mean to us, every time they come into our restaurants? It means the world. Because we’ve put our hearts and souls into our food and our services. We love constructive feedback, and are always looking to improve ourselves. And sure, there is no lack of trolls on the internet. They sometimes make us cry under our pillows, but we won’t hang our hats on every negative review. We just cherish the good ones and learn from the bad ones. We keep them all close to our hearts and use them to motivate us to get up every day and greet our guests with an even bigger smile.

So yeah, if you think we’re the best breakfast restaurant in Toronto – heck, even the world – don’t hold back. Tell us about it. Yelp it from the top of your lungs. Because every review counts, but the good ones are the magical elixirs that keep us going.