Boom Breakfast & Co is proud to announce the newest recipient of BOOM’s Legendary Customer Service Award

Life is Sweet – a Cupcake House

Life is Sweet has established itself as a sweet fixture in the Beaches in Toronto’s east end, located at 2328 Queen St. East. 

LIS - Exterior Shot_b

More than just a cupcake shop, it also offers a wonderful selection of household items, from the retro to the funky. Great vibe, cool stuff – and it’s not a big box chain! We fell in love with the place. 

LIS - interior store_b

Its journey to Legendary Status began when a very confused couple working feverishly to organize a party for their son ordered three-dozen cupcakes from Life is Sweet. On the day of the party, having left things to the last minute as usual, a very, very confused and stressed out father raced to get the cupcakes – but he mixed the names up and went to the wrong cupcake shop. Still confused, he bought cupcakes from the other bakery and went home.

The couple become positively perplexed when Life is Sweet called to ask when they were coming for their cupcakes. A quick check of the emails confirmed the mistake in identity. This couple is often confused, but they are kind-hearted types and immediately offered to pick the cupcakes up the next day for a party they were having for out-of-town guests. 

Life is Sweet said no – their product standards prevented them from selling day-old cupcakes.

The couple felt bad about this and offered to pay in full for the cupcakes they’d ordered.

Life is Sweet said no again. “Mistakes happen,” they said, and Life is Sweet did not charge the couple at all.

LIS - Award_b

BOOM Breakfast & Co strives to provide legendary customer service, each and every day, to each and every customer, and it feels inspired when it hears about legendary customer service stories.

So a legendary hats off to Life is Sweet for giving this confused couple a break, and by doing so helping make their son’s party a stress-free event.

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