If you’re gonna be tempted by something sexy, we have just the thing. But be warned, you might want a lot more than just a one time thing. And no, we are not suggesting a Tinder-type arrangement, we are suggesting you lose yourself in the amazingness that is our Friends with Benedict Menu. What’s that you ask? Why, it’s only the best assortment of Eggs Benedict combinations known to mankind! We can’t believe you haven’t tried them yet.

Well, fret not, there is plenty of time to get your hands on the goods, and we’re about to tell you exactly what these goods are.

Let’s start with the foundation. All our Eggs Benedict creations are made with two extra large eggs poached to perfection. They sit on top of fluffy English muffins and are covered with rivers of golden hollandaise sauce. Yum!

Now for the fun part:

BLT is a classic. We really can’t go wrong with bacon, lettuce and tomato. But even classics can use an upgrade sometimes, so we replaced lettuce with arugula, added mayo and shoestring fries to the mix. Picture those with that perfectly poached egg, muffin and hollandaise sauce and just imagine the possibilities. Or you could just come in and try it.

The T & A
Since we’re doing the whole alphabets thing, we might as well continue with it. T is for tomato, A is for avocado salsa, and we might as well add an F for Boom Frites. But TAF sounds less exciting, so maybe not. Whatever you call it, this refreshing Eggs Benedict combo will be like a fiesta in your mouth!

Crispy Chicken
We’ve always known that chicken tenders were amazing, but busting out Chicken and Waffles at the holiday menu this past season made us realize that chicken tenders make everything better. And an Eggs Benedict doesn’t need that much help to begin with. So when we say that our crispy chicken tenders with Eggs Benedict, green onions, bacon and shoestring fries is mind blowing, you know we’re telling the truth.

South Beach
Inspired by the lovable health nuts residing in South Beach Miami, we give you an Eggs Benedict masterpiece that satisfies your taste buds and also serve you healthy veggies to boot. Made with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, gluten free toast and fresh salsa, this Eggs Benedict also comes with a green salad on the side. Can’t say no to all that goodness. Nope.

Big Smoke
Now we get into a whole new level of Eggs Benedict. Say goodbye to English muffins, and hello a halved waffle instead. This amazing half of a waffle is fully loaded with locally smoked pork loin, two extra large eggs, caramelized onions and hollandaise sauce with a side of shoestring fries. We can’t even begin to describe the pleasure you’ll experience when you bite into your first forkful . You just gotta give it a whirl.

Chicken Bentley
This is yet another waffle/Benny combo, but this time with chicken breast and baby spinach. Because we know that sometimes just the simple stuff works best.

So take your tastebuds out on a brunch date. Drop by at BOOM Breakfast, the best breakfast restaurant in Toronto to enjoy Eggs Benedict in all its glory.