I’ve always loved this time of year, the time to say goodbye to summer and say hello to new beginnings; whether you are starting school for the first time or going back for a new year. It’s a time when you can sense a change in nature and almost feel the leaves changing their colours. Fall is a great season for all the romantics out there, the time to start thinking about bringing out your fall clothes. Students hanging out at cafes with their laptops drinking their lattes while working on their assignments.

I’m a full-time film student but I’m also part of the Boom Breakfast family. Most people wouldn’t think of hanging out at their place of employment on their days off but I love taking my laptop and grabbing a seat at the bar and work on whatever I have for school over coffee. Speaking of coffee, what should I have today? Perhaps a cappuccino or latte – I do love those silky smooth cortados but what am I saying, it’s Fall and nothing says Fall like pumpkin spiced latte.

As I’m enjoying my latte, I start thinking about what to have for breakfast? Should I go classic and have the Boom Power Breakfast? Nothing says classic like bacon and eggs, and those Boom frites are so addictive. Or do I feel like having an omelette, like the most perfect and fresh Farmer Gianni or perhaps the High Energy with the tasty turkey chorizo that just elevates the whole omelette. Maybe I’ll make my own: let’s see, spinach, caramelized onions, bocconcini cheese and I’m feeling adventurous so I’ll kick up a notch and add some smoked salmon – I think I’ve just created my own “Selfie”.

I’m feeling sweet and savoury this morning and the delectable Classic French toast with a side of crispy bacon and for colour I will add fresh strawberries with cinnamon and nothing says Canadian like pure maple syrup. I think we have a winner folks! Oh dear, Boom now has chicken and waffles served with maple butter, what is a girl to do.

I think I’m going to need another latte to help me with this important decision.

Written by Alex, server