Let’s face it, most of us here are coffee fiends, jonesing for the next cup before the one in our hand is even done. We like to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed goodness, followed by a cup on the way to work, followed by 3 at work, 1 at lunch and another few before heading home for the day.But while many of us are united in our love for coffee, we are not all built of the same stuff. According to psychiatrists, the way you take your coffee says a lot about who you are as a person. So let’s just dive right in and see what your coffee says about your personality.

Black Coffee

If you’re a black coffee drinker, you’re a traditionalist. You like things in their purest form, especially when it comes to coffee. The strong coffee profile produced by our drip coffee blend appeals to your no-bullshit persona.  Patient, efficient and a lover of all things simple, you’d love it if everything in life stayed exactly the same as it is right now. No changes, no surprises and definitely no drama.

Double Espresso

Our Reunion Island espresso beans are a blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Sumatran beans, with undertones of black currant and milk chocolate to produce a full bodied flavour. So if you’re a fan of our espresso, you know your coffee. And if you’re ordering a double shot, that means that not only do you know your coffee, you actually need it too.  Practical, hardworking and focused, you are prone to all-nighters and waking up with keyboard marks printed on your forehead. Your whole life revolves around doing what needs to be done. Your trustworthy and reliable work ethic puts you next in line for being named Employee of the Month, if only you’d go home for a shower once in awhile.


Calm, laidback and totally chill, you’re not a huge fan of the taste of coffee. You prefer your life, like your drink of choice to be light and tasty.  Your sweet, optimistic, and caring personality has won you many admirers. You’re always willing to lend an ear and give your time but that makes you overextend yourself sometimes.


You appreciate the art behind achieving the perfect blend of espresso beans, steamed milk and foam.  Classy and sophisticated, you always know the right things to say. You like to look stylish and appreciate all things beautiful. Some might think you’re a bit of a snob, but you don’t care about them because you make your own path.

Cappuccino Frappe

Cool, bubbly, and fun-loving, you bring sunshine wherever you go. Your creativity and passion for life are inspiring, but you’re not known for your patience, or your ability to sit still. Maybe lay off the sugar once in awhile.

Now that we’ve given you the lo-down, you too can judge others while they innocently order their coffee. Of course, when you order yours at Boom Breakfast, we’ll never judge you. Nope. Not even a little bit. Okay maybe a little. But feel free to chat and prove us wrong!