We all have a creature inside of us. Sometimes it slumbers and sometimes it growls, demanding to be heard. And in our experience, each of these creatures have a different sleep cycles, eating habits, and wild personalities. So if you’re not sure what to dress up as this halloween, take cues from your inner creature.


The Morning Butterfly

Bright, happy-go-lucky and fun-loving, you’re all about starting the day with a smile. You like to eat well, but you don’t shy away from a treat every now and then. Breakfast is your meal of choice. For you we recommend a fresh Tropical Twister smoothie, a yummy High Energy Omelette and scrumptious BOOMberry Pancakes to jump start your day.


The Lazy Lion

You’re not a morning person per say. More like the opposite. You stumble out of bed after snoozing the alarm at least 5 times, skipping breakfast altogether. You finally emerge in a wakeful state during brunch, when you’re ready to focus on a good meal. For you we recommend a strong cup of black coffee, a rich Benny Boom Eggs Benedict and a Chocolate Monkey Waffle to give your day a good start.


The Night Owl

You like to party like it’s circa 69! You stay up all night, chilling with your friends and binge watching tv shows until the wee hours of the morning remind you that it’s time to for bed. You surface during lunch, hoping for something greasy to perk you up. For you we recommend a chocolate milkshake, an Apprentice Burger and the Classic French Toast.


The Prancing Panther

Smart, quick and lean, you like to do things when they are supposed to be done. You wake up well before your alarm, armed with determination to get going. You like to eat healthy and are in the best shape you’ve ever been. For you we recommend the Banana Soy Smoothie, a Mediterranean Tuna salad and the California Spa-melette to serve your health-conscious needs.


The Fiery Dragon

It doesn’t matter what other people say, you do what you want, when you want to and other people dare not say a word. You are strong willed and fierce and not to be messed with. For you we recommend a double shot of espresso, a New York Steak and Banana Berry Pancakes. Just coz.


Do any of these creatures speak to your inner animal? Let it loose at Boom Breakfast: the best breakfast in Toronto for creatures of all kinds.