Morning Creatures – Get Your Dogs Off The Lease!

The true morning creature is acutely aware of morning’s beauty: a fresh start, endless possibilities – and, then there’s the first cup of coffee. For dog owners, the morning walk is another favourite activity in the A.M.

Morning creature dog owners in Toronto have a challenge when it comes to letting their four-legged buddies run free and wild, however  – it’s a fairly crowded place. BOOM Breakfast & Co wants to help – and we have a soft spot for dogs as well.

So BOOM Breakfast & Co did a little survey, and came up with (a very scientific) list of the four best off-the-leash dog parks in T.O. They’re spread out: downtown to Sheppard & Bathurst – lots of choice; and we ranked them in order of awesomeness. We like to stir the pot – so feel free to comment and tell us how wrong we are (or right?)

Our No. 1 Dog Park isCedarvale Ravine. This dog park sits in the middle of a massive park, which in turns leads to a beautiful ravine path that connects the St. Clair-Heath Street Entrance Subway and Spadina Village.


Getting there is a little tricky. Closest entrances are Glencedar Rd, Durham Avenue, or the Phil White Arena parking lot. A bit further off is Heathdale Rd. (where it meets Humewood Avenue, north of Vaughan Rd.). The park itself is up on the hill, south of the tennis courts.

If that doesn’t help, here’s the Google map link :,-79.4218187,16z

Your dogs will adore this place: it’s big; it’s surrounded by trees; and it’s quiet – except for the barking! After your dogs tear around, you can take them for a long walk along the ravine path.


Big points for openness and natural beauty. Maybe the only negative is parking (Phil White arena is your best bet). Otherwise, you have to walk a little bit to get there – but isn’t that the point?

Coming in at Number 2Earl Bales Park. Enter off Sheppard Avenue, east of Bathurst, off a small street called Don River Blvd.


This cozy dog park is situated at the far south end of Earl Bales, next to the ski hill. You’re down in the valley, so it feels comfy, and it’s fairly buffeted from traffic noise. It’s also a real big space; and if you crave more dog-walking action, you can take the path to rest of the park.


Our Number 3 may be controversial: Allan Gardens, the park that lies between Gerrard St. East and Carlton Avenue, east of Jarvis Street.


Sure it’s not that big – you have two, relatively small, fenced-in areas – still roomy enough for a good trot about, though; and there aren’t a lot of choices right downtown; and let’s not forget the two huge dog statues! We also love it for the park itself, with the beautiful Palm House conservatory right next door where you can wander in (for free) and see the ever-changing flowers and plants (no dogs inside, sorry).


A bit of history? Oscar Wilde gave a lecture in this very spot – but the original building bunt down. The Palm House replaced it (in 1910).



Number Four: Sir Winston Churchill Park, right behind the tennis courts. Another big area, with lots of running room; and it also overlooks a ravine walk. Parking is on St. Clair, just east of Spadina Rd., on the south side.


You can also get there from Boulton Drive or Poplar Plains Rd, although you’ll be facing a good hike up the hill. The St. Clair subway is only a 5 – 10 minute walk east, so The Red Rocket is there for you.



BOOM Breakfast & Co worries about our fellow morning creature doggies itching to carouse and frolic without that bothersome leash. If you’re a Morning Creature, why not get over to one of these awesome dog parks and make their dog dreams come true?

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