Secret Delicious Bacon

The allure of bacon is a magical thing. Its savory aroma pulls many a hungry soul off the street and into our restaurant, like a sailor being called to a siren. But then, they have their first bite and realize that this isn’t just any bacon. No, this is much better. It’s the kind of bacon that bursts with flavour, It’s the kind of bacon that has perfect golden colour and just right texture, where it’s not too crispy, nor is it too soft. It’s the kind of bacon that makes your whole meal extra-ordinary. It’s basically the kind of bacon we’re quite proud to serve, as you can tell.

While we’d love to say it’s all our doing, we must give credit, where credit is due. We source our bacon from a local meat products company called Metzger Meats, and there’s a good reason for that.

Metzger Meats is a family run company, founded by Gerhart Metzger. The company produces one-of-a-kind artisanal meat products by combining carefully selected ingredients sourced from locally trusts farms, traditional European preparation methods and the latests in process innovation. We trust their experience in creating the best bacon because of they’ve been producing high quality meats since 1990.

The secret to their bacon is that they hand-cure the meat, without using water or phosphate. Also, unlike other other companies, Metzger meats does not inject their bacon with brine, which allows the bacon to retain its natural integrity, making it less likely to shrink. The bacon is then smoked with different kinds of wood, including beechwood, maplewood, cherrywood and applewood, giving the bacon it’s delicious smoky flavour.

That high quality bacon arrives at our door, fresh and ready to be cooked, and boy do we cook it. Let’s just say that our fans love our bacon almost as much as they love our coffee. And you know people and their love of caffeine, first thing in the morning.

So there you have it. Yet another reason why our fans keep telling us that we’re the best breakfast place in Toronto. A lot of it is our love for cooking, but a lot of it is also the kind of ingredients we use and the places we source them from.