Next to puddle jumping, the best way to enjoy a rainy day is to sit by a window, stuff your face with deliciousness, and watch the raindrops slide across the glass. When the whole world looks grey and wet, you’re sitting indoors, warm, cozy and completely relaxed. Yup, that’s the life.

Now, the big question is, what are you eating? Because picking the right comfort food is key  in this scenario. Let us help you there.

Since warmth and coziness are in question, we must first begin with the basics: a large mug full of creamy hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. Let the sweet and warm liquid make its way into your belly and fill you with happy thoughts. The grey outside will start seeming more colourful.

And then there’s the ooey gooey and buttery grilled cheese sandwich that’s meant to make you forget all about low carb diets, bills, work, bad tv shows and all the sad places your mind was about to go to. Because cheese makes everything better.

If you’re looking for something a bit more classy yet comforting behold: Monterey Chicken Club Sandwich. It has all the makings of good comfort food: cheese, peameal bacon and guacamole  The chicken, lettuce and tomato are a bonus. Just open your mouth way, way wide, and take a giant bite of your club sandwich and you’ll find that world looks pretty good when your face is stuffed and your eyes are squinty because of said stuffed face.

Not feeling the savory thing? Then switch it up with an order of our Classic French Toast, lathered in maple syrup. Oooh, just the thought of taking a bite of the crisp but fluffy eggy bread caked in cinnamon and powdered sugar, lazing in a puddle of syrup makes us want to go outside and jump puddles. Then we contain ourselves by remembering that in involves getting wet.

Of course, rainy day comfort food is no laughing matter. It’s seriously delicious business, and nothing is more serious than our Chocolate Monkey Waffle. Well, maybe not the name bit. But let the aroma of that freshly baked waffle hit your senses, and let the fresh strawberries burst into flavour on your tongue, and when those bananas covered in chocolate sauce tease you into a big grin, then we’ll see who’s laughing. Nobody is, because it’s serious!

And of course, if you’re enjoying this rainy day at Boom Breakfast, the best breakfast restaurant in Toronto to enjoy a cozy meal, we’ll be around to keep you jolly as can be. Because we’re British like that sometimes.