We’ve all fallen into different habits over the past year and if you work from home like many of us do, you’ve probably picked up some interesting habits! Not to worry, we’ve got a snack for every style.

The Gentle Grazer

  • The ‘anything goes’ snacker
  • Will have a plate by his or her laptop all day
  • Mostly health conscious and likes to have something delicious nearby

Try: this snacker will be happy with almost anything, try our chicken tenders with fries or any side dish. We recommend the blueberry pancakes.

The Hangry Hunter

  • Sometimes forgets to eat or waits until it’s ‘too late’
  • Loops in family members for help with the hunger
  • Only a big meal will do


Try: Boom’s Brunch Burger or Double Bacon Cheeseburger

The Friendly Forager

  • This is the family member who explores the whole house for food and has a lot of ideas (should we get take-out?)
  • They stand in front of the fridge waiting to get inspired
  • They aren’t sure what they want but they are sure that if they continue to forage, they’ll eventually find it.

Try: delivery, of course! The Forager will be happy from our Classic French Toast or our Downtown Sandwich (scrambled eggs with guac and tomato) just make sure you order before the Forager eats your lunch!

A note about your safety

Your health, safety, and comfort is our top priority. Our staff are highly trained and up to date on all protocols and we are pleased to offer contactless delivery. Visit Boom Breakfast Co for more about us, our family tradition of serving delicious food, and to place your order.

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