Cheese is really in this year. Not that it has ever been out, but with the upsurge in sales of cheese boards, cheese knives and gourmet cheeses, it’s really, REALLY in this year. It’s no surprise either. Unless they’re lactose intolerant, most people will enjoy any item placed on the table, as long as it has great tasting cheese all over it. We too are big fans of cheese, and truly believe that it uplifts any dish to new heights.

Our main supplies for our fine cheese delicacies come from Kraft Foods and Essence Fine Foods. We use all kinds of cheesy goodness to elevate our breakfast and brunch offerings including: monterey jack cheese, feta, fior di latte, aged cheddar and Swiss cheese.

Try some of our cheesy creations and tell us which type of cheese you love most at Boom.

1) Four Seasons Omelette

Dig into 3 types of cheese, all in one eggy bite. Made with fior di latte, monterey jack, cheddar and swiss cheeses with fresh arugula, this one’s sure to satisfy your cheese craving.

2) Cheese Meltdown Sandwich

There is no such thing as a cheese overload, and this sandwich proves it. Made with aged cheddar, swiss and monterey jack cheeses and fresh arugula, this sandwich will have you melt with delight.

3) Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Nuf said.

4) Clucky Cheese Sandwich

Kids can go either ways with eggs, but they never say no to cheese. That’s why it’s wise to combine the two, and then trick them into liking omelettes. Then again, if you’re just a big kid at heart, you can’t go wrong with an omelette made with one extra large egg, cheddar cheese, served with BOOM frites and fresh fruit garnish.


So the next time you order up at Boom Breakfast, the best breakfast place in Toronto to enjoy your cheese, you’ll know exactly what you want off the menu.