In tandem to Toronto’s summer sporting spirit, we are resetting our dish count with our Special Event Breakfast for Champions Menu. Last month our traditional Mexican dish won with the most requested dish; Egg scramble, salsa verde, (MAD MEXICAN), chorizo, provolone, BOOM frites, fresh fruit garnish, grilled corn bread.

By fusing Boom’s mains with ingredients and cooking style with cultural nuances we present to our customers a unique lineup of winning dishes appropriated from the top nations that place traditionally place high in the medal count. Who do you support, errrr, eat? Argentina? A dish heavy on the protein that can be maximized with an option to adding eggs to the dish. For sure to bolster your strength for the day!

This special menu is our new Executive Chef first presentation to your customer to offer new and eclectic offerings.

Ultimately for us, Canada is home so let’s go Canada, Let’s Go!!!

Special Toronto 2015 Menu