Best Coffee in Toronto

Great Breakfast, Awesome Lunch – and a sassy rooster logo. Sure, BOOM’s got’em.

But did you know BOOM also has absurdly expensive espresso machines at your service whenever your personal home barista has a day off? Come in and try our hand-crafted espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, Americanos. We guarantee you’ll love them.

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We’re kinda coffee obsessed over here – fueled by…well…our coffee obsession!

But we at BOOM recognize that, occasionally, you can’t make it to BOOM every day for your daily java (but you can if you want).

Don’t despair!

We don’t want you to go one single day without a magnificent coffee, so we held an informal survey among our coffee-crazed staff and came up with a very unofficial list of five great coffee spots in downtown Toronto. This is our first of many surveys – we’re drinking coffee all over the GTA – so no worries if you live outside the big city.   

In no particular order:

Mercury Espresso Bar, 915 Queen St E, Toronto. Hip vibe, nestled in Toronto’s east end. Coffee is smooth, with a hint of sharpness (in a good way). Has a patio – so get there on a nice day.

The Common, 1071 College Street and 1028 Bloor Street. For your west end hipster vibe, get over to one of the Common’s two locations. This is a drip-coffee free zone, so figure out your favourite espresso-based drink before you get there. Some snacks available too.

Lit Espresso Bar, 810 College Street and 221 Roncesvalles Avenue. Bigger than some of the others, so there’s more room to hang – and more variety of food to choose from also. Coffee leans to the caramel with hints of chocolate. Their cold coffee in the summer is truly awesome, but it goes quickly so get there early. They also show old films on the wall – for when the conversation lags?

Sam James, 297 Harbord Street. This is a small espresso mecca, a few chairs, but it’s essentially a take-out experience. The coffee has a definite caramel orientation – and generally packs a punch. Fairly busy in the morning. There is an extremely small coffee nook on Bloor in the Annex, only takeout.

El Almacen Yerba Mate Café, 1078 Queen Street West. Cool vibe, and an imposing Elektra espresso machine. Specializes in mate (think beetroot tea served in a clay-like gourd – you’ll feel like a movie star), and they serve food.

You have no excuse now. Come to one of BOOM Breakfast & Co’s four locations and get a fabulous espresso, cappuccino, latte, or Americano – whatever coffee your heart desires – or on the off-chance you can’t get to a BOOM, then try some of the coffees served at these great T.O. hotspots.

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