Winter is coming and they say it’s going to be a kicker. So it’s an all important mission to keep the warm fuzzy feeling of being wrapped in a blanky and hugged by a teddy bear tucked in your heart all the time.

We are master creators of that warm fuzzy feelings and are going to share our secrets with you today.

The first thing you need is a warm drink. But not just any warm drink. No tea, no coffee, not even a mochaccino will give you this exact feeling. What you need is something that reminds you of a warm crackling fireplace, a wooden cottage, snow falling outside and Christmas music playing indoors. For that feeling you must turn to the Hot Chocolate covered in whipped cream. When you take that very first sip, you’ll picture exactly what we’re talking about.

Next you feel need something warm and savory to make you hum with pleasure as you take your first bite. That first bite should make you think of home. Of grandma spoiling you with her cooking and you just basking in the comfort of being with family. An ooey, gooey Grilled Cheese should do the trick.  

And then, of course, we must not forget the one thing that is the epitome of warmth and coziness: fluffy Country Style Pancakes. That dollop of butter on top, that stream of maple syrup cascading down the stack of pancakes, it’s what actual teddy bears dream about when they want to feel cozy.

But the most important thing you need to keep your warm and cozy this winter is the people you love. Get plenty of hugs into your diet and you’ll float through this winter like a happy cloud number 9. We’ll be delighted to give you a hug any time. Some come on in to Boom Breakfast, the best breakfast place in Toronto for warm fuzzies.