As Dean Martin once said ‘Baby, it’s Cold Outside’. The best thing to do in such weather is bundle up, grab a drink, park yourself by the window and admire the winter wonderland from the comfort of the great indoors. Of course, you’ll need to pick the perfect drink to lift your holiday spirit, otherwise you might find yourself going down the sad and gloomy route, staring out the window all forlornly. We don’t want that. So let’s go over some holiday drinks favourites to tickle your festive tastebuds.

First, we start with a classic Hot Chocolate, topped with whipped cream. The sweet, creamy and milky taste, the rich whipped cream and the overall warm and cozy feeling you get with every sip will fill your insides with joy. And if you’ve got some handy, add some marshmallows to complete the holiday picture.

If you’re sitting with good company, share the holiday cheer with them with a glass of champagne. We serve ours with cranberries and orange juice, in the form of a Boom Bubbly.

Need something chilled to beat that ‘stuffy indoor feeling’? Sip it up with our holiday special Cranberry Bliss Smoothie made with cranberries, banana, almond milk and honey.

And of course, there’s no better holiday ‘pick me up’ than good old caffeine. Warm your fingers on a cup of hot breakfast blend coffee, or get cozy with a Boom latte. And if you’re feeling especially naughty, you can even take shots of espresso to bring an extra kick into your holiday spirit.

There you have it, a few holiday drink classics you have to try this winter, especially when it’s freezing cold outside. Don’t forget to drop by Boom Breakfast, the best breakfast restaurant in Toronto to enjoy winter wonderland from the inside.