It’s a great month to be a sports fan in Toronto. The Leafs and the Raptors are in the Playoffs and the Blue Jays are…playing. Silent wars are erupting around bars, as people harass the staff to put their favourite sport on. Google is being bombarded by player statistic search requests and everyone is walking around in some sort of fan gear. It makes us feel giddy that we’re a part of all the buzz. So, to show our support to all our teams, we’re offering 15% off to anyone who shows up in Leafs, Raptors of Jays gear on select game days. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for details.

But more importantly, our teams need our fans to support them, and our fans need all the energy they can get to keep up the buzz. That’s where we come in.

Power Breakfast

You may not be playing, but you still need your strength to yell at the TV when someone make a stupid play. For you dear fan, we have the Power Breakfast made with two XL eggs any style and bacon on the side.

Oh Canada

Whether it’s the Leafs, Raptors or the Jays that win, it’s a matter of pride for all of Canada, not just Toronto. So show your national pride by ordering an Eggs Benedict made with the ‘best’ peameal bacon.

Belgian Chocolate Monkey Waffle

When they win, you’re on cloud nine thousand, when they lose, you’re down in the dumps. We get it. No matter what you’re feeling, a fresh waffle sprinkled with icing sugar, bananas, and strawberries, covered in chocolate sauce will make your feel great!

Boom Burgers

All sports fans come with beers and burgers on the side. And we’d hate to break up a combo that works. All our BOOM burgers are made with 6oz steak and are so delicious that we couldn’t even pick just one for you to try. Whether you love cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, eggs or bacon in your burgers, we’ve got all kinds of toppings for you to try as you chow down and power up for the big game.

So sports fans, we’re all prepped for an explosive sports season filled with lots of cheering, happy tears, crazy stats, team spirit and fan food.  Come by to BOOM breakfast, the best breakfast restaurant in Toronto to enjoy the sports mania.