So summer vacations are almost up, and we know you’re feeling the blues already. No more video games all day long, no more road trips, no more exotic travel, just lots and lots of blah. But there are some things to feel good about right? There are your friends, your favourite teachers and new things to learn! Actually, nevermind, it makes sense to be sad anyway. But no fear, Boom Breakfast is here. We’ll help you savour the summer to its very last drop, so that when school begins, you’re ready to get back in the game.

So, where do we start. With the sunniest option of course.

Tropical Twister Smoothie

It basically impossible to have this smoothie and not feel like summer. Made with mango, banana, apple, cranberry juice and honey, this fruity concoction will have you frolicking on the beach singing Bob Marley songs. Unless you’re too young to know who Bob Marley is, in which case, just enjoy the feel of summer in your belly.

Pino Colado

As the name suggest, this smoothie is a twist on the delicious Pina Colada. And it is against the moral code of cocktails to associate Pina Coladas with anything but hot summer days, the cool sea breeze and the ultimate relax mode. So with every last bit of summer left in you, you drink that Pino Colado made with pineapple, banana, coconut, yogurt, soy milk and honey, and you own it!

Tuscan Sun

You haven’t taste summer till you’ve been to Italy. But that’s okay, we bring Italian summer right to your plate. Enjoy the Tuscan Sun, made with poached egg, hollandaise sauce, prosciutto, roasted tomatoes and arugula on an English muffin.

Grilled Cheese Meltdown

Summer melts things, especially cheese. And cheese is awesome, and that’s why you need to have our Grilled Cheese Meltdown. It’s sound logic really. Especially when you put real cheddar, swiss and monterey jack cheese with arugula together. Yup, it all makes sense.

If all else fails, just give up on life and have a big old stack of pancakes and lots and lots of maple butter sauce on the side, because as this summer is about to prove to us, life is too short.

So fear not back to schoolers, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the last bits of summer while you still can at Boom Breakfast, they best breakfast restaurant in toronto to beat the back to school blues.