Ever been overwhelmed by all the different types of coffee drinks out there?

From a strong Espresso to a creamy Cappuccino, here at Boom we simply love them all, BUT… we know that there are so many different coffee drinks that it might get confusing for some. Like, what even is the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino? Isn’t it just coffee and milk? Well, today we are here to answer all your questions and go over the different types of coffee and what makes each of them special.

So, go make yourself a warm (or iced) cup of coffee and let’s get into 20 different types of coffee drinks you can make! 

Black Coffee

It really doesn’t get any simpler than black coffee. A warm cup created from brewing your favorite coffee beans in hot water. No milk, sugar, creamer or flavorings needed for this one!


A tiny cup of joy created by brewing your coffee beans at a higher grounds-to-water ratio. When brewing an espresso, the beans are usually also more finely ground. Resulting in a bold and concentrated shot of warm coffee.



For those mornings when you are simply feeling extra tired, a Doppio might be exactly what you need. It is simply a double shot of espresso… guaranteed to wake you up even on those tough mornings.

Red Eye

Another great option for those days when you simply need that extra boost of caffeine. A Red Eye comes to life when you combine a Black Coffee with an Espresso Shot. No need for energy drinks around here!


One of the classic coffee shop drinks. A latte is usually made by combining an espresso with steamed milk and just a touch of foam on top to create this popular creamy drink.

Psst… Our BOOM Latte might actually be one of our favourite coffees at Boom, so if you haven’t tried it, this is your sign to do so!


This milky cup of goodness is very similar to a latte but besides the steam milk, a Cappuccino is topped off with more smooth, creamy foam than a latte. It is also often served with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder on top. YUM.

Flat White

If you are not a big fan of foam on top of your coffee, Flat Whites might be your new best friends! This milky drink comes to life by simply combining an espresso with steamed milk for a smooth and simple drink!


Let’s go back to our smaller drinks, shall we? A Macchiato is simply an espresso with a touch of foam. Think of it as a tiny Cappuccino for those days when you don’t have time to sip on a bigger cup.


A Cortado is the alternative to a Macchiato if you are not feeling the foam… It’s made by combining an espresso with a touch of steamed milk to cut back on the coffee’s acidity without having to have a bigger drink.


Commonly mistaken for a Doppio. A Lungo is a longer pulled Espresso. So, while a Doppio is two shots of espresso, a Lungo is one single shot with slightly more water.


Though a shot of Espresso was tiny? Well, a Ristretto is actually an even more concentrated version of an Espresso prepared with slightly less water for a really bold experience.


Looking for the total opposite of a Ristretto? Well, look no further, an Americano is exactly what you are looking for: an Espresso diluted in hot water to create a larger cup of joy.


From all the different coffee drinks out there, Mocha has to be one of the most popular ones. Combining two of our favourite things, a Mocha is prepared by combining an Espresso with Chocolate (usually syrup or powder), steamed milk and foam (or whipped cream for an extra hint of indulgence).

Irish Coffee

Boozy coffee anyone? Yes, that’s where Irish Coffee comes in, combining Black Coffee, steamed milk, sugar and whiskey… And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also usually topped with whipped cream.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee lovers, we haven’t forgot about you! We couldn’t make a Guide on the Different Types of Coffee and not include some iced treats.

And there really is nothing better to sip on during a warm summer day than a cold Iced Coffee… Which is simply a cup of black coffee cooled over ice. As simple as that!

Iced Latte

Looking for something a little bit creamier? An Iced Latte… which you guessed it, is a Latte over ice, is the perfect way to add some creaminess and sweetness to your cold cup!

Cold brew

Cold Brew has to be one of the most popular among all rhe different coffee drinks out there! The main difference between an Iced Coffee and a Cold Brew is that Iced Coffee is brewed with hot water and then chilled over ice. While a Cold Brew is actually Brewd for a longer period of time but with room temperature water. Resulting in a less acidic and smoother cup of coffee!

Nitro Cold brew

If Cold Brew sounds delicious to you, then Nitro Cold Brew is here to take it to the next level. It is created by infusing your regular Cold Brew with Nitrogen Bubbles for an added froth-like texture.


The all-time famous Starbucks star. A Frappuccino is a blended ice coffee drink, usually combined with milk, sugar or flavored syrups for extra flavor. And topped off with a good serving of whipped cream for that extra sweetness and creaminess.


Breaking News: Tiramisu is not the only delicious Coffee-based dessert out there. Affogato is an indulgent coffee drink that is created by topping a shot of Espresso with a scoop of vanilla Ice-cream on top… Let that sink in. If you have never tried one. Go do it right now.

The Bottom Line:

At Boom we love having a good cup (or two) of coffee with our breakfast. And we get it. There are so many different coffee drinks to discover out there that stepping into a restaurant or coffee shop can even feel overwhelming at times. So hopefully Our BOOM Coffee Guide helped you understand the coffee world a little bit better!

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