How to get the warm fuzzies this winter!

Winter is coming and they say it’s going to be a kicker. So it’s an all important mission to keep the warm fuzzy feeling of being wrapped in a blanky and hugged by a teddy bear tucked in your heart all the time. We are master creators of that warm fuzzy feelings and are going […]

What Your Coffee Says About You

Let’s face it, most of us here are coffee fiends, jonesing for the next cup before the one in our hand is even done. We like to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed goodness, followed by a cup on the way to work, followed by 3 at work, 1 at lunch and another […]

5 Euro Cup Must Haves

The Euro Cup has kicked off in style and whether you’re Italian, Icelandic, English, German or just straight up Canadian, you can’t deny that the soccer fever is catching! Everywhere you go, people are cheering and booing at the TV like their lives depends on whether their teams makes that winning goal. We are happy […]

Why you should drink orange juice every day

Orange juice is a staple breakfast drink. When you go to the best breakfast places in Toronto, it’s almost a given that you’ll get freshly squeezed orange juice to down with your tasty breakfast meal. However, few people think about the benefits of freshly squeezed OJ. Let us enlighten you on this very important matter. […]

5 Breakfast Foods For Your Post-Workout Routine

So, you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and head to the gym to get in shape. Good for you. Now that you’ve made that crucial decision, you have to compliment your workout with the right kind of food to balance out the calories you burn with the calories you earn. The science and recovery […]

3$ Caesar

$3 Caesar… Ahhh August! Did you know? Caesar is Canadian! College Location Only “The Caesar was invented in 1969 by restaurant manager Walter Chell of the Calgary Inn (today the Westin Hotel) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He devised the cocktail after being tasked to create a signature drink for the Calgary Inn’s new Italian restaurant. […]


  Starting June 1st until June 30th FRESH OJ is $3.99! We’re offering the ultimate beverage kickstart with a creative challenge for a chance to WIN a $25 Boom Gift Card. To win, show us your OJ! Over the next 4 weeks we will nominate the best photos collected and they will be announced every Monday. For the final week […]


Healthy and Delicious Recipes For You and Your Family We’ve done it! We’ve covered all the BOOM Smoothie recipes, so you can enjoy the magic of the BOOM Smoothie at home on those rare occasions when you can’t make it into one of our conveniently located restaurants in the GTA and Vaughan. To say we […]

BOOM Smoothie Recipes – The Neapolitan Smoothie

Healthy Recipes For You and Your Family We’ve featured seven Boom Smoothies so far – and we’re gonna keep on doing it until we’ve featured every last one of them. Why? So you can enjoy a great Smoothie at home and at BOOM Breakfast & Co. Part of our – Spread-the-Joy campaign. Besides, you seem […]