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We’ve done it! We’ve covered all the BOOM Smoothie recipes, so you can enjoy the magic of the BOOM Smoothie at home on those rare occasions when you can’t make it into one of our conveniently located restaurants in the GTA and Vaughan.

To say we saved the best for last wouldn’t be right, even though the Straw-Nana Soy is a beauty. Each has its own personality. You want a shot of coffee combined with chocolate – then delve into the Jolt N Java. Are you the mango type? Take a foray into the Mango Dream. Or maybe you love an all-around fruity-juicy experience with bananas, mango, blueberries, and orange – don’t hate yourself, celebrate your fruit-juice love with the Good Morning Smoothie.

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The Straw-Nana Soy is perhaps our most complex smoothie in terms of the taste profile (note the pretentious use of taste profile? Impressive? Pathetic? Let us know – we’re needy). The strawberry-banana combo needs no introduction. It’s a classic. But out of nowhere we go with low-fat yogurt and soy milk, and then sweeten with a touch of honey. Go figure!

This is a good one – so go for it – now – seriously – make it … You’ll be better for it. Check out this little fella. We can’t prove he absolutely had a Straw-Nana Soy Smoothie, but he shows all the outward symptoms.

The BOOM Straw-Nana Soy Smoothie:

To serve four people who want a Beautiful Smoothie!

1 ¼ cups of plain yogurt
1 ¼ cups of soy milk
1 cup of sliced strawberries
2 tbsp of honey
1 ½ cups of ice

Add the ingredients to your blender and mix until smooth and frothy. Pour into tall glasses and enjoy.

BOOM Breakfast & Co. has four locations in the GTA and Vaughan, open from 7 to 4. We’d love to prepare a BOOM Straw-Nana Soy Smoothie for you, along with a great breakfast.

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