Healthy and Delicious Recipes For You and Your Family

Time to mix things up in your life?
Tired of the same-old, same-old.

Say goodbye to boring – because you’re about to fall in love with something wild and woolly – and also creamy and delicious.

Say hello to the Jolt-N-Java Smoothie – with our secret ingredient – coffee (maybe not so secret now) – a beautiful combination of your morning Java with your morning Smoothie. 

In the restaurant biz, we call it a win-win!


At Boom we use our signature espresso coffee from Reunion Island, but any strongly brewed coffee works great too.


Let’s get right to it, then:

The BOOM Jolt-N-Java Smoothie

To serve four people who want an Awesome Smoothie!

2 ½ bananas
2 ½ cups of Soy Milk
½ cup espresso/strong coffee
Pinch of cinnamon (powder)
3 ½ cups ice

Mix the ingredients in a blender until smooth and frothy. Pour into tall glasses and get to it – and remember, it’s nice to share!

BOOM Breakfast & Co. has four locations in the GTA and Vaughan, open from 7 to 4. Come on in and let us prepare our Jolt-N-Java Smoothie for you, along with a great breakfast.

There are more Breakfast Smoothie recipes coming soon to our BOOM Blog, so come on back for more Boom Smoothie goodness.