Our first BOOM Legendary Service Award goes to Ferro Bar Café!


A BOOM team member was out with friends on Friday in the St. Clair West Neighbourhood. It was a bit late and they were hungry.

“I drag my friend to two places. Their kitchens had closed already. We’re about to jump in a cab when I remember Ferro Bar Café at St. Clair and Arlington. We ask if they have food. I see a guy cleaning the kitchen – he even has the mop out. The bartender tells us the cook is downstairs and he’ll ask if he could whip us up a couple of pizzas…”

And so he does! Two handmade, delicious pizzas. Ferro’s even let them chose from the menu. Above and beyond from the great team at Ferro Bar and Café!

Boom Legendary Service Award
Tony Cappellano presenting BOOM’s Legendary Service Award to Ferro Bar Café

What is the BOOM Legendary Customer Service Award?

Ten years ago when BOOM Breakfast & Co. opened its first restaurant on College Street in downtown Toronto, it made a Customer Service pledge: BOOM Breakfast & Co. would provide legendary customer service to each and every customer that walked through its doors, each and every time.

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And to us, Legendary Customer Service means giving our customers a unique experience, something special – out of the ordinary – from the moment they walk in the door and are greeted with a hearty hello to the moment they leave and are sent off with a heartfelt goodbye.

Providing legendary Service isn’t enough, however. BOOM Breakfast & Co wants to do more, and so it is announcing the BOOM Legendary Customer Service Award. We want all our customers and the general public to help us celebrate legendary customer service by sending us your stories about people or businesses that went that extra mile, who surprised you, who made you feel like they cared – who provided you with legendary customer service.

BOOM Breakfast & Co is determined to live up to the pledge it made those ten years ago – each and every day to each and every customer.

Send in those Legendary Customer Service Stories today!