Sounds a bit arrogant, we know. But there really are reasons why BOOM serves delicious coffee.

And there really are reasons why we think our BOOM coffee is better than your typical chain coffee – and sorry Tim Horton’s and McDonalds, that means you – and sorry Starbucks, we mean you, too. 

It all starts with our beans – and with all due respect to Folgers, we really do Respect the Bean. We get ours from our good friends, Reunion Island Coffee; and their beans are truly high quality because of how and where they source them, how they roast them, and how they test the final product. BOOM works closely with Reunion Island Coffee to ensure we get their best beans, and we constantly monitor the different types of beans available. 


All that means the product we put out in our stores is some of the best espresso-based and drip coffee around. We also closely monitor how long our drip coffee has been sitting, and we strive to serve the freshest cup possible. As for espresso-based coffees (our specialty), every cup is pulled and served immediately to give you the best flavoured experience possible.

Here are a few more thoughts about why BOOM coffee really is better than most.

The big chains strive for mediocrity – seriously. They don’t want a really flavourful, rich, aromatic coffee experience. They want you to drink a ton of their coffee, and they’ve discovered a way to do it: blending a lot of coffee beans to create a consistent, inoffensive, watery brew. This is not as easy as it sounds. They have laboratories and testing teams dedicated to the task. The coffee bean is a natural fruit, and that means two bags of coffee from the same part of the world, or even the same farm, may not taste or roast exactly the same. So Tim Hortons and McDonalds blend anywhere from 6 to 15 different beans to arrive at the taste profile they want – bland and not too distinct, so you can swill endless cups of it. 


Places like Starbucks have a different challenge. They roast individual brands based on geography: Kenya, Columbia, Sumatra (and a host of others). They also market blended beans from different countries or regions. Their problem is one of supply, however. How do you provide coffee to over 23,000 locations? The way you do it is by buying coffee in enormous quantities, about 270 million pounds (or so) per year. That means they can’t be too choosy in the coffee they serve. Sure, some of their coffee is high quality. Some of it is Fair Trade certified and organic. But for most of it … demand is simply too high. 


So what’s different at BOOM? First, our drip coffee is blended for flavour and a strong coffee profile (fancy coffee talk for tasting good), not a bland and tasteless cup. You can have as many cups as you want, but you won’t want too many because our coffee is satisfying. 

Our espresso beans tell the same story. It’s a blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Sumatran beans, with undertones of black current and milk chocolate to produce a full body, smooth drink with an easy finish. Reunion Island also employs a unique roast cycle developed specifically for espresso beans that trigger chemical reactions in the beans themselves that prepare them to yield a rich, thick crema on every shot (the crema is that light brown, creamy layer on top – yummy!).

The big chains have a lot of marketing dollars. We get it. All BOOM has is great coffee. 


Life’s too short to drink bad coffee. So don’t.

If you want real coffee, brewed in small batches from coffee beans that were roasted to produce the most flavourful, satisfying, wonderful taste possible, then come to BOOM Breakfast & Co. for your cup of java. And check out our coffee survey blog post that reviews some other spots in the GTA that serve great coffee – look for a new survey that reviews some awesome cafés in west Vaughan.