On May 31, BOOM announced the launch of the BOOM Legendary Service Award in keeping with the promise our founder, Tony Cappellano, made almost eleven years ago when BOOM first opened its doors. On that auspicious moment, Tony declared that BOOM Breakfast & Co. would provide legendary customer service to each and every person that walked through its doors, each and every time.

The BOOM Legendary Service Award celebrates excellence in the hospitality industry, anywhere and anytime it happens; and not just in the restaurant business; we want to recognize great hospitality in businesses across every sector. 

In June, we awarded our first Legendary Service Award to Ferro Bar Café, located at 769 St. Clair Avenue West. Look out for another award this month – (spoiler alert – it’s a cupcake bakery in Toronto’s east end).

To make this more fun, BOOM has decided to open nominations to everyone. Send us your stories of the great service you’ve enjoyed, and once a month BOOM will pick the most legendary of the bunch and honour that business or individual with the BOOM Legendary Customer Service Award (and we might even pay them a surprise visit – okay, we will pay them a visit). 

We’ll also provide a free breakfast or lunch for the person (and a special friend) who submitted the story – so send those stories in and come enjoy some legendary customer service from BOOM Breakfast & Co. 

BOOM Breakfast & Co is determined to live up to Tony’s promise made those eleven years ago – each and every day to each and every customer. 

Go to www.boombreakfast.com, and use the contact form to tell us about the people and businesses who put the hospitality in …. well … hospitality.