Every holiday season we try to do something fun for our guests, whether it’s giveaways, Holiday bingo or fun contests and draws. But this time around we’re going all out. We’ve come up with a whole new holiday menu filled with yummy goodies for your festive enjoyment.

Here are some of the dishes you should definitely try.

Benny Poutine

What happens when you combine the richness of an eggs benedict and the deliciousness of a poutine? Mind explosion, that’s what. Get a load of our Benny Poutine made with BOOM frites, caramelized onions, crispy bacon, tomato, green onions, hollandaise sauce and an XL over easy egg.

Banana Granola Pancakes

These are pancakes for grown ups who like to wear grown-up pants for breakfast. So we give you pancakes made with banana, almond granola, and warm maple butter sauce. You’re welcome.

Chicken and Waffles

Ahh, the quintessential comfort food of the south, nothing beats it. And so, this winter you will never have to feel sad or chilly, because we’ve got our signature waffles topped with warm chicken tenders and maple butter sauce. Yay!

Slam Dunk Cheesesteak

There are dishes and then there are slam dunk dishes. This baby is made with a 6oz steak, medium well, caramelized onions, mushrooms and monterey jack cheese on a blanched bun with skin-on shoe string fries. It’s so delicious that you’re likely to feel like an NBA superstar with every bite. However, if you start hearing large crowds cheering you on every time you eat, we have nothing to do with it.

Holiday Detox Smoothie

The holiday season is all about gifts and stuffing your face with cookies, ham, pies and whatever else your family puts on the dinner table. The holiday detox smoothie is what you need to recover from your month long food coma. This refreshing smoothie is made with apples, mangoes, spinach and almond milk. Have at it without any guilt!

Boom Bubbly

There is plenty to cheer about during the holiday season, but it gets even better when you have a glass of Boom Bubbly in your hand. Made this orange cranberry juice and champagne, this bubbly delight is sure to put you in the celebrating mood.

There are plenty more dishes on the holiday menu for you to try, but now that we’ve given you a teaser, we hope you’ll come in and enjoy the new holiday treats at Boom Breakfast: The best breakfast restaurant in Toronto to get you into the holiday spirit.