BOOM loves to mix it up, support local businesses and the direct trade/fair trade coffee movement – and have a little fun too! That’s the reason BOOM has brought in a new product this summer: Authentic Cold Brew Iced Coffee. Enjoy it on the patio; enjoy it to cool down; enjoy it because it’s an awesome new product – or enjoy it with some Irish Whiskey (yeah, we went there!).

 Blue Bottle Kyoto Iced Coffee

Forget everything you think you know about iced coffee. Our Cold Brew takes iced coffee to the next level, a truly authentic drink that’s smooth and rich, no acidity, and with hints of chicory and natural sweetness. There’s nothing artificial either – 100 percent authentic Cold Brew Coffee. 

Allow us to bore you with some technical details – but only a wee bit – we promise. 


BOOM’s Cold Brew is subtle, sublime, and timeless – and the reason is rooted in how it’s made. Our Cold Brew uses one of the most powerful forces in the universe – gravity – and one of the most important elements to human existence – water. 

So we’re talking about some serious stuff here!

Rather than use heat to extract the flavour from the coffee beans, our Cold Brew soaks the beans in water over 12 to 18 hours, and then uses gravity to extract the coffee through a filter. The result is the perfect Cold Brew Coffee. Keep in mind that one cup has about the same amount of caffeine as a regular coffee – so after the third one you might want to switch to one of our BOOM Smoothies!

The typical method is to brew hot coffee and pour it in a cup with ice. Some places use hot espresso and others drip coffee. Both result in an acidic, bitter brew that requires copious amounts of sugar and/or milk (sound familiar?). Cold Brew is so smooth and clean tasting that you don’t need either – but don’t feel guilty if you want to adjust the flavour. It’s just a different experience. Feel free to experiment with milk or sweetener until you’ve crafted your own personal Cold Brew.

Let’s shake it up. 


Imagine you’re at one of our BOOM patios with some friends; it’s the weekend and you want to have a little fun; and you have a hankering for something cool, smooth, and delicious – that also has caffeine. Don’t imagine it any longer: you can have a BOOM Irish Cold Brew. The BOOM Irish Cold Brew adds a nice shot of Irish Whisky and some whipped cream. So now you’re at the patio with friends, in hot steamy weather, and you have a refreshing, tasty Cold Brew Irish Coffee to enjoy. 

BOOM has partnered with Station Cold Brew on this. They use 100% direct trade coffee beans, which means the coffee farmer gets far more money for their beans. Station Cold Brew also uses 100% recyclable bottles.


It’s a little different – but in a good way – like BOOM. 

Try a BOOM Cold Brew or a BOOM Irish Cold Brew – and live a little! 

Let us make it happen.