Boom Six Giveaway

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The Boom Six Rulebook

  1. 1) Each cardholder gets one stamp per visit.
  2. 2) Complete the card, fill out your info, and hand it in on your 7th visit.
  3. 3) Claim your reward.

Do customers keep their cards?

Yes, until they redeem their 7th meal. Then we keep them.

Can they get a new card after they finish the first one?


Do we take back the card if it is fully complete?


How long will the promotion run?


When do you stamp the card?

When people pay for meals

Can one card be stamped for multiple people on the same bill?

No, it is one card per individual, and it is their own meal which will get stamped

When do we tell customers about the promo

Before they order – when you ask them about their drinks.

What should we tell customers about the promo?

Have you had a look at our BOOM SIX cards? Each of you gets one, and every time you visit, you get a stamp. Once you complete 6 visits, the 7th one isĀ 60% off. So if you want, you can grab them off the table now, and I can stamp them for you before you leave.

What do we do if people forget their card?

Stamp a new card for them, ask them to put their name and email address on it, and when they come in next time, they can bring both cards with them, as long as there are 6 stamps in total, we can still give them a discount.